Creighton coach: Zone defense ‘not our cup of tea’

Alabama’s inability to shoot the 3-point jumper is no secret to anyone with a television and basic cable. Creighton coach Doug McDermott said he picked up on that when watching Alabama game film last night.

So, that means the Bluejays will play some zone defense when meeting the Crimson Tide in the 12:40 Friday afternoon NCAA opener?

“That isn’t exactly our cup of tea,” he said. “It’s not what we like to do, but it’s obvious that the key to being successful against Alabama is making sure you don’t turn the ball over and give them easy baskets in that regard and also keep them out of the paint. They’re very explosive going to the basket.”

Creighton has the No. 239 ranked scoring defense in the nation allowing 69.6 points per game.

From the limited amount of game film Alabama coach Anthony Grant’s seen of Creighton, he didn’t see much zone defense. That didn’t seem to make much of a difference, though.

“It’s a game, so we have to prepare for whatever we face,” Grant said. “They are a very good team. Like I said before, we have great respect for them and we’ll prepare for anything and everything that we need to be prepared for.”

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3 responses to “Creighton coach: Zone defense ‘not our cup of tea’

  1. So, with all this being said- do you think Creighton comes out in zone?

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