Grant ‘not assuming anything’ on NCAA selection day

NEW ORLEANS — The lone speckle of crimson in a sea of blue, a group of Alabama basketball players posed for a few Bourbon Street pictures Friday evening.

It was a common sight for teams eliminated from the SEC Tournament earlier that day not far from New Orleans’ famed French Quarter. Even coach Anthony Grant took in the sights briefly.

But today, it’s back to work for the Crimson Tide. The program is expected to hear its name called by the NCAA Tournament selection committee for the first time in seven seasons this evening.

Projections have Alabama (21-11) landing as high as a No. 8 seed in one of the four regions when brackets are released at 5 p.m. on CBS.

Grant wasn’t jumping to any conclusions immediately following the Tide’s 66-63 loss to Florida in Friday’s SEC quarterfinal. He was “not assuming anything,” before anything is official.

“Obviously, we feel good about what we have been able to accomplish over the course of the season,” he said. “The thing that you know about that tournament is it’s an invitational tournament, so we have to wait and see what happens.”

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