Creighton coach not that happy with No. 8 seed

Creighton won its conference title and its last seven games. The Blue Jays have a 28-5 record and history of tournament success.

So its coach, Greg McDermott wasn’t quite sure how the seeding process left his team No. 8 facing No. 9 Alabama in Greensboro.

“It’s really hard to figure,” he told reporters in Omaha after the brackets were revealed Sunday evening. “There weren’t a lot of differences on paper on what could have been a 5-seed and a possible 8-seed. You really split hairs to try to figure it out.

“I know there’s certainly some geography that goes into it, you have to keep teams away from teams that played already or conference games, in the first two rounds. Sometimes that allows a team to move up one or you drop one. I guess that’s what happened to us.”

Alabama coach Anthony Grant offered no resistance to his No. 9 seed after the Tide finished 21-11 in the regular season.

See more of McDermott’s comments by clicking here.

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One response to “Creighton coach not that happy with No. 8 seed

  1. if Creighton is more worried about what seed they are they are going to have a hard time getting past us lowley #9…its a Tourney, the #16 seed has the same opportunity as the #1..its just a harder road, but the road to a championship isnt supposed to be easy…our boys will show up ready to move on and it sounds like Creighton will show up wishing they were in a different position then #8…ROLL TIDE BABY!! lets make the most of this opportunity…yall worked hard and deserve it!!

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