Injury limited Carl Engstrom against Auburn

Alabama sophomore Carl Engstrom played just one minute against Auburn after seeing no fewer than 10 in the past five games.

There was a good reason, coach Anthony Grant said.

The 7-footer from Sweden hyper-extended his knee and it was smarter to keep the injury from worsening.

Other than that, Grant said, the bumps and bruises Alabama faces heading into the final weeks of the season are routine.

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3 responses to “Injury limited Carl Engstrom against Auburn

  1. “The 7-footer from Sweden hyper-extended his knee and it was smarter to keep the injury from worsening.”

    ok. when did this injury occur?? game?? practice??

    why didn’t moussa play more?

    you have to admit grant’s substitutions were odd wend. nite. his time management was questionable.

    i realize it was senior nite but to play green 33 mins., especially considering his lackluster play early and the contributions gueye and engstrom have been making and the obvious better chemistry on the team, it just made no sense.

  2. except he’s a senior on senior night, hello? JMike is a knucklehead but he’s our knucklehead and he deserved to play. Glad to see him hit those clutch fu free throws at home, against (I can’t say their name or really give them credit for being important to us, but you know who I’m talking about), on senior night. You go big boiiii!!!!

  3. maybe you missed it, anon:

    “i realize it was senior nite….”

    i did not have a problem honoring green. did not have a problem playing him.

    i do have a problem sacrificing the work and momentum and chemistry this team developed while this bonehead was suspended. if you don’t know that successful post-season runs depend on momentum and peaking at the right time, well, you don’t know much about college basketball.

    this team lost the first two games of bonehead’s suspension. they lost due to engstrom’s and gueye’s terrible play. but they started playing better. we beat ut. we won a game in fayetteville nobody thought we could win. gueye and engstrom were playing better. the team was shooting better. we were playing as a team.

    against state last saturday green was brought back, did not start, played 25 mins., we scored 67 points and we pounded the dogs.

    against auburn wednesday, green starts, plays 33 mins, gueye and engstrom are basically benched for WHATEVER REASON, and against a terrible auburn team, we lose 12 points of offense and flop around for most of the game.

    my opinion is grant has made a decision that green is going to take a leading role in the team’s play from here on out. after three suspensions and his career-long inconsistent play, i don’t think he deserves that. i think wednesday night grant thumbed his nose at what had happened right before his eyes in the past five games.

    i hope he proves me wrong.

    because if we continue with green starting and playing in the role he did wednesday, we’ll lose today. (likely badly)

    and our post-season will be abbreviated.

    again, i hope he proves me wrong.

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