Moussa Gueye tells story of ‘miracle’ comeback from torn ACL

Alabama’s 7-foot center Moussa Gueye didn’t take the easy path to the starting lineup. He missed all of last season with an injury before tearing his ACL in August. Gueye sat down with us the other day to talk about the “miracle” comeback in such a short time. Read about it here:

The excitement was killing Moussa Gueye this August. The Senegal native had sat out an entire junior season with a stress fracture in his leg, and Chris Hines’ graduation left a definite role for him at Alabama.

AP photo

Then he stepped on a teammates’ foot in an August practice. He immediately knew something was wrong.

Doctors said it was a torn knee ligament and told him six months was the minimum recovery time. Eight months was more likely.

“My world crashed down,” Gueye said. “I was amped up to play at 100 percent and excited about the team we had.”

So he worked and worked to strengthen the knee. Gueye and his extended crutches made the back and forth from the clinic in the football complex across the street to Coleman Coliseum daily. Watching teammates in practice fueled his recovery.

And four months later, he was back on the floor. Was he surprised? Hardly.

He smiled while talking about his first practice back.

“I didn’t even worry if I touched the ball,” Gueye said. “It was just great to have that feeling of running up and down again.”

Click here to read full story about Gueye and fellow 7-footer Carl Engstrom.

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