Tony Mitchell writes about future on Twitter

Update: As of Thursday morning, Tony Mitchell’s status with the team has not changed, a spokesman said.

Original post: This is hardly official confirmation of anything, but Tony Mitchell took to his Twitter account late Wednesday night with a message for Alabama basketball fans.

From Wednesday night.

 Click here if you’d like to follow Mitchell’s account on Twitter. We’ll be checking into this story to see where it goes.

He’s been suspended since last Monday, or three games. The Tide lost the last two when leading scorer JaMychal Green joined him on the list of the suspended.

But Mitchell’s Tweets offered another page to this ever-changing story. Stay tuned.

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2 responses to “Tony Mitchell writes about future on Twitter

  1. I hope he comes back soon before Grant Destroys Bamas season!

  2. are you stupid? if anyone has Destroyed Bama’s season its the imature, idiotic, selfish people who take their God given talents and just abuse them.
    these players were not just suspended for the hell of it! grow up!
    Roll Tide Roll!

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