UPDATED: Two of four suspended players ‘most likely’ return Tuesday

Alabama basketball coach Anthony Grant just addressed reporters for the second time today. Again, the four suspensions were a hot topic.

Trevor Releford and Andrew Steele will “most likely” be available and JaMychal Green and Tony Mitchell remain suspended indefinitely.

Grant said the situation surrounding Steele and Releford’s discipline was “different” than the suspensions of Green and Mitchell. Asked if Green and Mitchell committed more serious offenses, Grant said he “didn’t want to get into that. Just the way it is right now.”

Both remain suspended indefinitely for the unspecified team rules violation.

“I’m dealing with 18-to-22-year olds who have to make decisions in terms of what’s best for them and what’s best for the program, and what’s best for a lot of different people that are affected by their decisions,” Grant said. “Sometimes they don’t make the right decisions. So whether it’s Year 1, Year 3, Year 5, I think you’re going to deal with that in college athletics.

“The main thing now is for our guys to understand the importance of making good decisions and understanding the consequences when you make bad decisions, then moving on and growing from there and learning for that. We’re dealing with that. It’s disappointing that we have to deal with this in the middle of the season.”

Grant did not get into the specifics surrounding any of the suspensions. All four players remain listed on the team roster distributed Monday afternoon.

Players, who typically speak to reporters after Grant’s news conference, will not be made available today.

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One response to “UPDATED: Two of four suspended players ‘most likely’ return Tuesday

  1. after 3 suspensions the bonehead green is gonna be allowed to work his way back. sad.

    begs the question: if ted bundy had a drop step, would Grant play him???

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