Carson Tinker attends, is mentioned in governor’s state of the state

Tinker (AP photo)

Alabama long snapper Carson Tinker’s story of tragedy and triumph is known around the world by now. He lost his girlfriend Ashley Harrison in the April 27, 2011 tornado that destroyed parts of Tuscaloosa.

His strength through those heartbreaking times became an inspiration the world over. Tinker was part of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s first state of the state address Tuesday night. Here’s what he said about Tinker:

“We also see it in Carson Tinker. By now you may have heard Carson’s story.

One of the 62 tornadoes that tore across Alabama last spring ripped Carson’s house, and his life apart.

Carson was injured after being thrown 100 yards. He lost his home. And more importantly, like so many people across this state he lost someone he dearly loved.

What you may not realize is that Carson has the most thankless job in football. He snaps the ball on punts and field goals. He’s a Long snapper. No one will notice if he’s perfect. They’ll only notice if he’s made a mistake.

Despite his injuries, despite his personal tragedies, Carson didn’t make a single bad snap in his career. He did his job to perfection, and he helped his team achieve the ultimate goal.

Carson, would you please stand?

In these tough times, let’s follow the example of people like Carson Tinker.

Let’s pull together in the face of adversity, do our jobs to the best of our ability, and let’s serve the people who sent us here.”

Click here to read the full text of Bentley’s speech.

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