Analyst: Some coaches golf, Saban’s hobby is recruiting

Of course Nick Saban likes to tee it up and play a round of 18 here and there. But that’s not his life, said CBS Sports Networks recruiting analyst Tom Lemming.

He’s a born recruiter.

And that’s why Alabama is poised to sign the top class of incoming players once again this year. All major recruiting services rank the Crimson Tide crop No. 1 by wide margins.

“I’d say half the teams out there don’t understand it,” Lemming said. “The coach, they go out and play golf, they spend time with their family, and do a lot of off-the-field things, but they’re mediocre. I always said, show me a guy that’s a prolific golfer, a head coach, and I’ll show you a guy who doesn’t recruit well.”

Saban’s hot streak recruiting, Lemming said, compares to Pete Carroll’s run at USC. There was always a top replacement waiting when a junior went pro.

Trade Trent Richardson for T.J. Yeldon. Dont’a Hightower’s heir is Reggie Ragland and Dre Kirkpatrick will be succeeded by Geno Smith.

The X-factor comes back to Saban. He made recruiting a top priority for every assistant coach and the program is back at its peak because of it.

“If Nick leaves, there will probably be a gradual decline at that school,” Lemming said. “That’s usually what happens with the retirement of great coaches and someone who follows them up. So as long as he’s healthy and happy, Alabama is going to be in the national title picture almost every single year.”

Read more on recruiting in the next week leading up to signing day next Wednesday.

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One response to “Analyst: Some coaches golf, Saban’s hobby is recruiting

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