Dooley: Sunseri hire not intended to stir Alabama rivalry

Anytime a coach goes from Alabama to Tennessee or vica versa, people are going to talk. Though one sided recently, there’s still a rivalry there.

So Vol coach Derek Dooley was asked about the hire of Tide linebackers coach Sal Sunseri as defensive coordinator at a news conference this afternoon. Citing his friendship and previous work under Tide coach Nick Saban, Dooley said nobody should read too much into the hire.

“I didn’t view it as that, just because of the nature of the jump in title,” Dooley told reporters in Knoxville this afternoon. “I told Nick when I called him that it was a hard call because it isn’t a Tennessee-Alabama deal. It was such a good opportunity professionally for Sal, and I know Nick has always been proud of the coaches that go on to bigger and brighter things because of the time they spent with him.

“I’m appreciative of what he gave me as a coach and I know Sal is appreciate of what he has given him as a coach. I was really pleased at how professionally he handled it. We have a friendship too, and that will never be compromised. It wasn’t about Tennessee taking anything from Alabama. It was a guy that has had a track record of great coaching over the last two decades and an opportunity that I think he has been wanting for a couple of years.”

So, that’s that. Do you think there’s any gamesmanship here? Feel free to comment below.

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