A Swedish sports writer’s first impression of college football

Johan Esk (leather jacket) interviews T-Bob Hebert.

Most of us grew up in the culture of college football. Johan Esk did not.  He’s from Sweden. So Esk came to New Orleans this week to chronicle the grandest spectacle of college football for a foreign audience.

I had a chance to chat with him a few times at various media events. I couldn’t get enough of his observations. It was fascinating. The best was explaining the meaning of Mardi Gras beads while standing on a Bourbon Street balcony.

When I saw Esk on the sideline in the final few moments of the game, his eyeballs were bulging. It was a case of sensory overload in a world we take for granted. It was incredible introducing our world to this outsider who seemed to love the experience.

Thanks to Google translation, I found his story. Here’s a taste followed by a link:

I knew that college football was big in the U.S.. But it was only when I came here that I realized that there are additional features of these Southeast and Alabama is probably the most crazy state in college football.

The team’s fans and LSU fans have invaded the city in a way I had not seen sports fans do at some point. Many who are in New Orleans has no ticket, they just want to create and enjoy the party.

The final is unusual because it is two teams from the same division and because the law already met once during the season. For me it is unusual to wait for the start of the game and see two big bands marching. I try to count how many plays, landing somewhere around 200 in each orchestra. In addition, the dancers and acrobats and cheerleaders, but not a single percussion caps

Click here to read the whole thing. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

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One response to “A Swedish sports writer’s first impression of college football

  1. Swedish football team has always excelled, wherever they went for game. this is the main reason behind their wide acceptance.

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