Goodbye New Orleans, it’s been fun

We’re Tuscaloosa bound after being the proud final survivors to leave the media hotel work room.

It’s been a dizzying week in one of my favorite cities on earth. If you’ve never been here, do yourself a favor and book a trip.

This would have been a good week for a visit if you favor the Crimson Tide. We didn’t make it down to Bourbon Street last night, but I can imagine it was bananas.

But the fun (and a little work) comes to an end. Well, the work doesn’t.

So we drive back to Tuscaloosa a few pounds heavier and the calendar marked for a New Orleans return trip for the SEC basketball tournament.

One response to “Goodbye New Orleans, it’s been fun

  1. Michael, thanks for all of the great coverage in Nola and all year. Safe travels!

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