Live blog: Les Miles final BCS news conference

On the eve of kickoff, both coaches are stopping by the media room for one final news conference. Les Miles is at the mic now. Here’s what he’s saying:

  • Historically, it’s far to discuss where this LSU team stands after tomorrow night’s game. Hard to say before then, Miles said.
  • There is an extra importance to LSU playing in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Tigers did that in ’07 BCS game. Still important today.
  • Next two days, the team should stay off their feet, Miles said. Preparing for something so significant, you have to want it.
  • On kickers, Miles said the credit goes to the special teams coach for putting them in the right mental state.
  • The only team I told them not to schedule was “the Green Bay Packers,” Miles said.
  • Next year is still too far away to consider just yet. Miles drew a laugh with that one.
  • On over-analyzing Alabama, Miles said can be counterproductive. ”
    “The styles of play will be the same,” he said.\
  • Every team has its own personality and own feel. It’s a completely different feel this time compared to 2007 title team. “There’s a real want to play best.”
  • “Absolutely,” Alabama is the best team LSU has played. There isn’t even another team to consider.
  • “They play hard. They are willing to pay that price. I didn’t answer that question very well.”
  • “We all think to a certain extent we are impervious,” Miles said.
  • Asked about going to an NFL job, Miles said he’s just worried about Monday night. A little eye roll for punctuation.
  • “That’d be news to me,” Miles said on Tyrann Mathieu’s previous statement on looking up mother’s names of Alabama players.
  • “That’s a touch much.”

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