An inside look at the Sunseri football family

This is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for some time now. Finally I got the opportunity this week at BCS media day. Enjoy.

NEW ORLEANS — Knocked cold on an already cool November night in Starkville, Miss., Vinnie Sunseri’s mind raced when the lights came back on.

Vinnie Sunseri (Gary Cosby Jr./Decatur Daily)

Never mind the kamikaze block the Alabama freshman had just thrown and the certain concussion he had suffered. Mom had to know he was fine. He just needed to remember her phone number because Saturdays are complicated for the Sunseri family.

Roxann Sunseri sat frozen in front of a TV 400 miles due north. She was in Louisville, Ky., watching Vinnie’s big brother Tino quarterback the Pitt Panthers past the Louisville Cardinals. Alabama’s instant fan-favorite special teamer quickly got word to mom and even tried to re-enter the Tide’s 24-7 win over Mississippi State.

“I just had to text her and make sure she wasn’t freaking out,” he said.

That’s just Vinnie. That’s just life in tight-knit group, which is strengthened by the nomadic lifestyle of a football family with burly Italian roots.

The son of Alabama linebackers coach Sal Sunseri is pure football — bred for moments like Monday’s BCS title game. It just wasn’t supposed to progress this quickly, but his football-centric upbringing had him ready when opportunity came.

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