One more practice, then to New Orleans

The game week schedule isn’t exactly uniform for the Alabama football team preparing for the biggest game of the year. Forget the BCS is played on Monday instead of Saturday.

The travel and practice schedule is off as well. The team will get one more Tuscaloosa workout this afternoon before jumping on a plane for the short flight to New Orleans.

There will be a welcome ceremony this afternoon and all of us media vultures will be there to celebrate the official kickoff to the madness.

Based on the crowd on Bourbon Street last night, Alabama fans are waiting at least another day to join the fun. Anyone thinking of making the trip without a ticket?

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One response to “One more practice, then to New Orleans

  1. Hotel rooms booked in Sept., heading in Sunday and out Tuesday from Mobile. No game tix so eager to find that perfect spot to watch the game. “Perfect” being somewhat comfortable, can hear the game and don’t have to watch the screen over some sweaty balding head.

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