Taking a 2-hour vacation for the second-best rivalry in college sports

Sorry folks, I’m clocking out for 60 basketball minutes. It’s not quite the Iron Bowl, but where I grew up, they sure think it is.

They used to call it the “Dream Game,” but this could be one of the more anticipated meetings between Louisville and Kentucky basketball teams. Both are ranked in the top-5 at tipoff for the first time.

Yesterday, I was asked to compare this rivalry to the one that grips this state. I give the edge to Alabama-Auburn. Easily. I can joke with fans on both sides of that series. Not down here.

(Watch this cool documentary by WHAS-11 TV for a small glimpse into Cards-Cats spat. Part I here. Part II here.)

Louisville-Kentucky doesn’t envelope life all year, but it will dominate my next two hours. See ya on the flip side.

Update: That was the worst vacation of my life.

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