Championship ring too valuable for receiver to flaunt

Under his bed in a safe.

That’s where Alabama receiver Brandon Gibson stores his 2009 national championship ring. It’s just too valuable, he said, to keep it anywhere else.

“To be honest, I’ve never worn it, never worn it even to this day,” the senior said. “It’s just something that I cherish, and I want to have it 30 or 40 years from now to show my grandkids. But I pull it out every now and then to show other people, but I don’t put them on.”

Gibson said he’s not exactly sure why he hasn’t worn the valuable jewelry in the past two years. Teammates “like to show it off for fun,” he said.

His policy might shift, however, if Alabama can add to the collection with a win over LSU in the Jan. 9 BCS title game.

“I might actually wear that one for a little while,” Gibson said. “It’s my last game. You can’t write a better script than that. Once we get those, I’ll just look at it for a little while. I’ll wear it once or twice, and I’ll put it back in the box.”

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