Our little Les Miles, “nice hat” video goes viral

Sometimes, what seems insignificant at first turns into an Internet sensation. That was the case with a 10-second video I shot Saturday night before the Heisman Trophy ceremony.

Interviewing a few people outside the Times Square theater, I spotted LSU coach Les Miles making his way through the Alabama fans. So I fired up the video camera and took the following video.

Apparently, it was pretty awesome. Miles quick “nice hat” comment caught fire and made for full posts on the following websites:

The view count on the video was at 35,000 Tuesday evening, but has likely had a few more since then.

Just crazy.

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One response to “Our little Les Miles, “nice hat” video goes viral

  1. I posted your video on secrant.com.. part of tigerdroppings. Seems sportsbybrooks reads there, as he’s gotten alot of his material from posters there and others post to other sites from stuff posted there..

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