An update on the Rolando McClain arrest situation

The whole Rolando McClain story made headlines nationwide last week and was topic of lively debate on this site. A lot’s happened since then with other topics, so why not cover what’s happened since last Thursday.

Well, McClain wasn’t suspended from Sunday’s Oakland Raiders game at Miami. He played and led the team with eight tackles in a 34-14 loss.

McClain’s permit to carry a concealed weapon in Alabama was revoked on Tuesday.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson took several questions on the McClain matter in a news conference earlier this week in Oakland. Here’s a taste of that transcript:

Question: Was the decision on McClain a close call for you? Was it like a 51 percent, 49 percent call?

Jackson:  It was. It really was. Obviously I mulled that thing over and talked to several people, including teammates, my council, people that I trust.

At the end of the day, the league still has to investigate this thing to see it through. I know what I know and feel very comfortable with what I know.

Again, does the young man understand I was disappointed by him being even close to any situation where anybody could say anything? Yes, he was, and he is.

But at the end of the day when I look at it all, I think maybe, in my opinion, when this thing all comes out, I think we’ll all feel different about it. Not different about him being there. He was there at a place, maybe for the right reason but at the wrong time. Yeah, it was a close call for me. Very close.

Click here to read the rest of that interview.

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One response to “An update on the Rolando McClain arrest situation

  1. Very disappointed in him. Not the first time trouble has found him when he was home

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