Oklahoma State coach not happy, doesn’t like ‘eye test’

There was a party in Tuscaloosa tonight with Alabama going back to the BCS title game. But in Stillwater, it was quite the opposite scene played out.

No. 3 Oklahoma State thought it had done enough to pass Alabama in the final standings and play LSU for the championship. In the end, the Cowboys will play in the Fiesta Bowl against Stanford.

A transcript of comments from Cowboy coach Mike Gundy and a few players was posted on the school’s official website Sunday night. Gundy felt strongly about his team’s case to play LSU.

“I don’t understand the eye test. I don’t know what that means,” Gundy said. “That would have done it for Secretariat I guess; they wouldn’t let her have a shot at it. I don’t understand what the eye test has to do with anybody making a decision on who should be in that game.

“Their reasons are based on something that could drive television markets. Our team was disappointed for five minutes until we said ‘listen, you’re in a BCS bowl. You get to go play in the Fiesta Bowl’. We wanted to put all that to rest tonight because we are excited for going to Glendale and playing Stanford. I’m not going to stand up here and say that there wasn’t some disappointment with our players because there was. They wanted to play and they wanted a shot at it.”

Cowboy defensive end Jamie Blatnick had this to say about his reaction to the announcement.

“It was bitter, but there’s nothing we can do about it now. We all would have loved to play in the national championship. I think that would have been the best matchup, but we can’t. We just have to take our frustrations out on Stanford.”

Much more about this later and in tomorrow’s printed editions.

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4 responses to “Oklahoma State coach not happy, doesn’t like ‘eye test’

  1. OH just stop it.

  2. If gundywanted a shot, he should have found a way to beat an unranked Iowa State team. If anyone thinks he should get a shot due to sympathy meet me at the krispy kream on mcfarland blvd in tuscaloosa and we will discuss it further there. Roll Tide Roll

  3. considering the busted blood vessel on Gundy’s right eye, I think he should seriously consider an “eye-test”

  4. “That would have done it for Secretariat I guess; they wouldn’t let her have a shot at it.” Secretariat was a Male…someone should tell Coach Gundy…might help them out next season!

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