Alabama releases BCS ticket information

It’s a deadline writing night. So instead of rewording this one, here’s the official release from Alabama detailing the ticket situation for the Jan. 9 BCS National Championship Game with LSU:

ll BCS ticket requests taken to date will be evaluated according to established priorities (TIDE PRIDE, Faculty/Staff, Lettermen) relative to the total allotment received by the University. Therefore, no additional BCS requests will be accepted at this time.

The Athletic Ticket Office will send notification via email no later than Wednesday, December 7, confirming if requests can or cannot be filled. The information below outlines the established allocation priorities for TIDE PRIDE, Lettermen and Faculty/Staff.


3,500 & up……………………. 8
900 – 3,499………………….. 4
405 – 899…………………….. 2
404 & below………………… 2 (if available)

The ability to request tickets does NOT guarantee that you will receive tickets. If demand is greater than the allotment of tickets we receive, refunds will be given based on Tide Totals priority points. Unfortunately, at this time, all requests made by patrons in the “if available” (404 & below) group will not be filled.

II. Lettermen
If requests received exceed the Lettermen allotment, requests will be filled based on last year lettered.

III. UA Faculty/Staff
If requests received exceed the Faculty/Staff allotment, requests will be filled based on years of service.

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