What Nick Saban said about the BCS rematch on ESPN GameDay

Tom Rinaldi and Nick Saban this morning.

Alabama coach Nick Saban heard a few boos this morning when appearing live on ESPN’s College GameDay from the SEC Championship Game. He’s a guest analyst doing several segments on the show ending at 11 a.m.

Here’s a taste of what he said about the circumstances surrounding Alabama’s postseason situation.

“I think playing in (the SEC title game), because of the length of time from the Auburn game to any bowl game, an extra week of practice for this game and focus on the game is actually an advantage for your team, ” Saban said.

As pointed out, that would be a 44-day gap for the Tide. So how did Saban see the first Alabama-LSU game?

“If  you’re a college football fan, you had to love that first football game we had against LSU,” Saban said. “There was great attention. The whole nation was watching. It was one of the highest rated games. There were a lot of great football players out there and a lot of great plays. It’s what football is all about and the game ended up a 6-6 tie at the end of regulation.

“I’m not saying anything about rematches, but that was a great college football game for both teams.”

But what about that rematch?

“I think everybody has to decide what they want,” Saban said. “If you want the best to teams in college football to play, then there has to be a format to decide that. Aight, if you want a regional game that matches up people from different parts of the country, then you can’t say, let’s have the two best teams play. It’s really not up to me. I can’t really be objective here. We do have a dog in this hunt.”

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