Tiffin offers help, insight into kicking troubles

If there’s anyone who knows how Alabama kicker Cade Foster feels, it’s Leigh Tiffin. He offers insight into the mind of a slumping kicker based on his experience as a freshman is 2006. Read today’s print story and read Tiffin’s blog about kicking by clicking here.

TUSCALOOSA — The afternoon of Nov. 6 was no different than any other Sunday for Leigh Tiffin. Just business as usual until his cellphone buzzed with a text message.

It was Cade Foster.

Tiffin knew where this was headed.


The night before, Foster entered territory known by Tiffin and few others. After the sophomore kicker from Texas missed three field-goal attempts in the 9-6 overtime loss to LSU, blame focused on him. So he reached out to the former Crimson Tide place-kicker who saw his share of misfortune before adding his name to the school record books.

The text message was returned with a 20-minute phone call.


“Naturally, I think he was very disappointed,” Tiffin said. “It’s just a tough position to be in coming off a bad game. It’s a little bit embarrassing. Your pride’s hurt a little bit. Nobody wanted to do well worse than he did, I can promise you that.”

So the UAB graduate student, who once stood in Foster’s low-top soccer shoes, offered the best advice he could.

With it came a promise of better days. They certainly came for Tiffin after a rocky start to his Alabama career.

Click here to read the rest.

Before you read the rest, here’s one extra quote that I really liked from my interview with Tiffin, but couldn’t squeeze it in the already-long story.

“When things go wrong, it’s all exposed. You’re completely isolated,” Tiffin said. “Everybody can see what you’re doing. It’s good or it’s no good. There’s no gray here. It’s not like hitting a 35-yard punt, where it’s not a great punt, but it didn’t kill us. It’s either good or it’s no good and people are going to know it. And they’re going to know who did it.”

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