Eddie Lacy explains the meaning of turf toe

Turf toe is a strange deal.

Alabama running back Eddie Lacy will be the first to confirm it after dealing with the issue since the end of September.

AP photo

“It’s not a painful injury, it’s just nagging,” he said. “You need your big toe to run on. I’m heavy guy. That’s where you put all your pressure at so it’s a hard injury.”

According to WebMD.com, it’s a sprain to the ligaments around the big toe joint.

Now it’s feeling better and Lacy’s performance Saturday spoke to his progress. After running for a high of 46 yards against Tennessee in the six games since the injury, he scored twice in his 96-yard night at Mississippi State last Saturday.

“He actually was able to practice a little more last week than he has,” coach Nick Saban said. “That’s why we’ve kind of not played him as much in the games is to sort of just spot play him and hope that he’s going to get 7, 8, 10, 12 carries at the most and only play so many plays so that we don’t take one step forward and two steps back with him continuing to improve.”

Starting running back Trent Richardson is just happy to get his backup back at full strength. He joked about having to take all the reps in practice when Lacy was limited.

“He’s out there helping me catch my wind. But he’s doing pretty good,” Richardson said. “People think they’re going to stop me they have another thing coming because he’s behind me, Eddie Lacy and Justin Fowler. They may be looking forward to stopping me and they come in and have successful days, we’re going to win the game and I’m happy with it.”

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