Predicting a final score the best I can

I was feeling pretty good after nearly hitting the Alabama-Tennessee score on the head. Then, I went against my gut that said the LSU game would end in a 9-6 final. (I promise, that was my first thought). So here’s my next guess after my first missed pick of the season:

It could be worse. Alabama could be taking out its frustrations on Georgia Southern. That’ll come next week, but Mississippi State must deal with an Alabama team less than pleased with a 9-6 overtime loss to No. 1 LSU. Assuming this Tide roster has the maturity Nick Saban cites regularly, the Bulldogs will be in for a rough night in cow bell land.

Expect Trent Richardson to have his way with this defense even with an offensive line on its third string left tackle. The Tide scored on some big plays each of the last two seasons against Mississippi State. Expect more of the same. No, this isn’t the Mississippi State team everyone thought they were in August.

Alabama 34, Mississippi State 10

Here’s my track record in case you wondered.

Opp: prediction……actual … difference
Kent State: 45-7 ……….. 48-7 … 3 points
Penn State: 24-10……..27-11 … 4 points
North Texas: 52-3……..41-0 … 14 points
Arkansas: 27-17 ………..38-14 … 14 points
Florida: 27-20 …………..38-10 .. 21 points
Vanderbilt: 41-3 ……….34-0 ….10 points
Ole Miss: 38-3 …………..52-7 … 18 points
Tennessee: 38-3 ……….37-6 …. 4 points
LSU: 20-14 ………………6-9 …….19 points
Miss. St. 34-10………?????

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One response to “Predicting a final score the best I can

  1. This seems to be a pretty legit pick all things considered. I would hope to see Richardson running hard and angry all night with an increased desire to get back into the end zone. Then again I could just as easily see a focus on the passing game as Saban and McElwain look to bolster McCarraon’s confident (Though I personally see no reason for him to be upset about his previous performance as he showed great poise despite the talent and intensity he was up against). No matter the game plan, I think this will be a confident, vengeful Tide, and I can’t imagine any amount of cowbell will cure this fever.

    By the way, is this score accounting for a missed extra point or a resurgence of Alabama’s place kicking team?

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