CBS also responds to fourth-quarter punt controversy

Here’s today’s print story on the issue first raised after Saturday’s Alabama loss to LSU:

TUSCALOOSA — Standing near midfield awaiting a fourth quarter punt in a tied game Saturday night, Alabama’s Marquis Maze hesitated.

Instead of fielding the Brad Wing kick, the Crimson Tide senior let it bounce and roll for a 73-yard momentum-swinging moment of the 9-6 LSU overtime win over Alabama.

After the game, Maze claimed he backed away from the catch when the ball stuck a guide wire that operates the suspended CBS television camera.

By Sunday, the television network and the company operating the overhead camera disputed the claim.

P.J. Bennett of Action Cam said his crew checked all different angles in the production truck and never saw the ball strike the wire.

“As a matter of fact, we saw the shot through our camera,” he said early Sunday morning outside Bryant-Denny Stadium. “And through our lens, if it would have hit the line, it would have jiggled the camera. Saw nothing. So there’s no evidence.”

A spokesperson from CBS agreed with Bennett.

“We were aware of the claim,” said Jennifer Sabatelle of CBS. “We went back and looked at the tape from every possible angle. There was no indication whatsoever that the ball hit the wire.”

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2 responses to “CBS also responds to fourth-quarter punt controversy

  1. any port in a storm. Face it – BAMA lost. They got out played and out coached. End of story. Please dwell on this all week and lose to MSU.

  2. Sorry Poppy T, but Bama played just as good as LSU. Were there some major mistakes, I would have to say yes….But it was just a luck of a bad night for Bama…. If LSU was as great as some seem to think, then I think the game would have been far greater than 6/9 with it going into overtime.

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