Why Alabama kickers aren’t to blame for LSU loss

Or not completely at fault for the four missed field goals in Saturday’s 9-6 overtime loss to LSU. Consider the 12 combined offensive plays that preceded the four misses. Here’s the rundown:

First quarter: Cade Foster 44-yard miss
1-10: Trent Richardson run (-5 yards)
2-15: Brad Smelley catch (8 yards)
3-7: Richardson catch (0 yards)
Net: 3 yards

First quarter: Foster 50-yard miss
1-10: Substitution infraction (-5)
1-15: Eddie Lacy run (1)
2-14: Lacy run (-6)
3-20: Incomplete pass
Net: -10 yards

Second quarter: Jeremy Shelley 49-yard blocked
1-10: Marquis Maze reverse (-6)
2-16: AJ McCarron sacked (-1)
3-17: Incomplete pass
Net: -7 yards

Overtime: Foster 52-yard miss
1-10: Incomplete pass
2-10: Substitution infraction (-5)
2-15: Incomplete pass
3-15: McCarron sacked (-5)
Net: – 10 yards

Total: 12 plays, -24 yards, 2 penalties, 5 negative runs

Just something to keep in mind as Sunday winds down. Read more about this in tomorrow’s newspaper.

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One response to “Why Alabama kickers aren’t to blame for LSU loss

  1. In other words, you can blame the LSU defense!! geaux Tigers!!

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