Camera operator: Punt never touched our wire

Earlier you read Marquis Maze’s claim of the fourth-quarter punt striking the wire guiding the overhead camera in tonight’s game.

Well, there’s another side to the story.

P.J. Bennett of Action Cam, the operators of the CBS suspended camera, said the ball never made contact with the wire.

“We checked in the truck,” he said standing outside Bryant-Denny Stadium early Sunday morning. “We looked at all different angles. It did not hit the line.”

The punt went 73 yards and changed the field position at a critical moment. But don’t blame the camera, Bennett said.

“As a matter of fact, we saw the shot through our camera,” he said. “And through our lens, if it would have hit the line, it would have jiggled the camera. Saw nothing. So there’s no evidence.”

ABC 33/40 from Birmingham captured the play with a tight shot on the punt. The ball did not appear to change directions from the field-level angle.

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