Maze said long punt struck overhead wire

Update: Click here to read the response from the camera operator.

One of the more baffling plays in Alabama’s 9-6 loss to LSU came in the fourth quarter when Marquis Maze was deep fielding a punt.

The low line drive was headed right for the senior receiver, but he let it bounce and roll for a 73-yard net.


Maze said the punt struck the wire suspended above the field that guides the floating camera.

“It kinda messed me up, but it was better for us to get it back there than to try to field it and muff it,” Maze said.

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10 responses to “Maze said long punt struck overhead wire

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  2. strange Maze was the only one who mentioned that, I guess the excuses are starting to pour in, How about the excuse our Coach got out Coached by the hat.

  3. If that makes Bama feel better about their lack of playing. I would be more worried about the kickers lack of accuracy. Auburn scored more points on LSU than Bama…

    • Auburn scored a TD in the last minutes of the game vs LSU’s 4th string D… I wouldn’t count that as a TD drive… Get real heather..

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  5. YEAH HEATHER , I bet auburn scored more points on you than lsu did too

  6. But if LSU wins your point is null.

  7. The ole, “Lights in my eyes”, saying would of probably worked out better for ya Maze………”A” for efforts though! GEAUX TIGERS!

  8. If that helps you sleep at night anonymous then go for it. Alabamas kickers did not play like a #2 team. It was expected for Auburn to lose, no one just knew how bad. Auburn took the loss & didn’t make up pathetic & lame excuses like wires messed up the play.

  9. yes…the kickers missed what would have been game winning field goals. But, the yardage was way over their all-time longest field goal. so, let’s not blame the kickers. if we gotta blame anybody, let’s start with the botched call when alabama caught the ball and lsu stripped the ball…after bama had hit the ground. had that had not been called lsu’s ball…the game would have had a different outcome. next, let’s blame the offesive coordinator, who continued to run the ball play after play when lsu’s defense had pretty much shut that down. OR, we could say that is was just a hell of a game, and LSU won it…

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