So, do LSU fans smell like corn dogs?

As seen Thursday.

This whole corn dog thing was too hard to ignore Thursday considering the scene I witnessed above. Here’s an off-beat story I wrote for today’s paper on the topic:

TUSCALOOSA — From the back of the mob, Tony Gauna and Chris Hopson heard the camera operator counting down to zero.

Three … two … one … corn dog time.

Just as ESPN went live from the plaza outside Bryant-Denny Stadium on Thursday afternoon, the two fraternity pledges double barreled the audience with deep-fried stereotypes. Hoisting their lunch for the world to see, the Alabama freshmen proudly perpetuated the nonsensical stigma that follows LSU fans to every SEC stadium.

They smell like corn dogs, the fable says.


Turns out, the legend began on an Auburn message board online. Though based on nothing in particular, the long diatribe went viral.

And as Saturday’s showdown between No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama approaches, the antagonists in pledge pins joined the camera-hogging madness.

The cool, rainy weather also drew classmates dressed as the Cookie Monster and the Chick-fil-A cow. Gauna and Hopson went for the jugular when they raided the house deep fryer.

“We were up late thinking of stuff we could do funny to make LSU people mad,” Hopson said. “Why not use corn dogs?”

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