Camping out for the Saban radio show

Back row: Bill Hughes, Debbie Hughes. Front row: Walter Smith, Anna Smith

Meet the Hughes and Smith families. They’re the 1 percenters.

The photo you see above was taken last night at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tuscaloosa — site of tonight’s Nick Saban radio show. The two couples arrives yesterday morning between 8 and 9 a.m.

Do the math, they’re spending 35 hours in the restaurant or parking lot to get the prime seats for the 7 p.m. radio broadcast. They slept in their cars last night after eating lunch and dinner at the wing joint.

Today, lunch and dinner again. Lot of wings. Even more passion. People tell Anna Smith she’s crazy all the time since they’ve been doing this all season.

“Oh yeah, but I tell them at our ages, I think we’re old enough to do what we want,” she said.

They camp out every week, but the excitement over this game led them to arrive a little earlier with LSU coming to town.

Read more about this tomorrow.

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